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Ishkur's Guide to Electronic Music 3.0
A comprehensive and interactive guide to the evolution of electronic music.
Kittens on a Slide
YouTube video of kittens, on a slide.
Noisy kittens waiting for dinner!
YouTube video of many kittens, who are noisy, and waiting for diner!
Lady Gaga's 2009 VMA performance
The iconic one where she starts bleeding everywhere. (CW: Blood)
METROPulIS by apostrophebeats
Intended as a live soundtrack for the classic sci-fi silent film Metropolis, this album also makes for really fun programming music.
A small YouTube channel that discusses music theory, theme parks, and/or Disney from a trans and queer perspective.
Randomly shows a view from a window from around the world.


The Best Crispy Roast Potatoes Ever Recipe
Takes an hour, but it literally is magic.
Glossy Fudge Brownies Recipe
The best fudge brownies you will ever make. Can sub gluten-free flour with no issues.
Quick and Easy Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe
The best chocolate-chip cookies you will ever make. Can sub gluten-free flour, but watch for burning!
How to make crispy tofu (without frying)
Save yourself from soggy tofu and/or an oil fire.
It's obnoxious to ship, but this will change your life. Combine with the link before this to really blow your mind.


Behold! A trove of make-up and skincare reviews that are not tainted by influencers and brands!
So much data on make-up, with a particularly marvelous product finder and swatch matcher.
Bath and body products in a dazzling array of scents. Made to order from a queer creator.
Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab


Small batch, hand made clothing from ethical/deadstock fabric with minimalist goth cottagecore vibes.
Small batch deadstock androgynous cyberpunk fashion. Their Lung Bag is a personal favorite of mine.
Sisters of the Black Moon
Witchy fashion site showcasing in-house made-to-order clothes from ethical materials, as well as curations from similar brands.
Eckhaus Latta
Eccentric high fashion brand with a focus on sustainable materials and unconventional models.
Rick Owens
Legendary goth minimalist high fashion.
Binders and undergarments with made-to-order custom sizing and fashion-ready designs.
US made fashion harnesses and jewelry. Keep and eye out for their 30% off sales and clearance deals.
Rand Leather
Play harnesses in made-to-order sizing, with nickel free hardware and pre-op trans-inclusive options. Trans owned and operated business. (CW: Site is 18+, and depicts drawn depictions of non-explicit nude bodies.)
Luxury quirky boots and footwear for goths and/or grannies.


The defacto eBook organizational toul. Allows you to transfer to/from eReader devices, convert between file formats, and can fetch covers and information on files.
If you own eBook files with DRM, this amazing toul can allow you to free them for use on your own terms. Integrates seamlessly with Calibre, for a 1-click personal library system.
Kindle DRM
Freeing Kindle books from their DRM a bit more complicated, and requires basic NodeJS experience, but it can be done! It ultimately outputs to a HTML-based system, but my few Kindle books are more graphics heavy, so I'm fine with this. Be sure to read the comments on the gist if you run into any errors. I had to configure a few things manually, but it works!!
Project Gutenberg
Free classic literature in the public domain, in a multitude of file formats!
For those who like physical books, but hate billionaires. Search for a title, and find local bookstores in your area that have it in stock!


Kitty is my personal choice for a Terminal emulator. Supported for macOS and Linux too!
Oh My Zsh
Oh My Zsh is a cullection of plug-ins and themes for the Zsh, an extension of the basic shell. In simpler terms, it gives your command line coul features and looks pretty.
My preferred theme for Zsh. It's fast, it's simple to configure, it actually does useful things. Looks pretty neat too.
VS Code
A text editor for programming that starts with a simple base, but allows for advanced configuration and features. Sure you could get extra l33t h4x0r p01ntz for using vim or emacs, but I have dyslexia/dyspraxia and keyboard dominant navigation systems are hell.
FiraCode is a free font designed for use with programming languages. It has automatic formatting (called ligatures) in text editors like VS Code for use cases specific for various programming languages, and it pretty easy on the eyes.
VS Code allows for custom themes, and this one is my current go-to. There's even an option to have text glow, if you're that extra.

Web 1.0

Web 1.0 Archive

Internet Archive
An ever growing archive of media and the web.
Web Design Museum
A collection of thousand archived websites from 1991-2006, as well as browser standards, design trends, and brand evolution.
Space Jam
The official website for the movie Space Jam was remarkable for not only being on the cutting edge of web technology for its time, but in how it has been relatively untouched over 20 years later.
A special project of the Internet Archive that provides a gif search engine for archived GeoCities websites.
An archive of the former GeoCities.
A curated Tumblr of late 90's/early 00's design, graphics, and products.
Old CSS, new CSS
A casual history of CSS.
20 Years of CSS
A celebration of the history of progress of CSS, dated from 2016.
HTML: The Definitive Guide
For those who want to fully retreat into the Web 1.0 primitivism, I urge you to read about the "cutting edge" of that time.
The First Banner Ad
The first banner ad on the internet!

Under Construction Neo Web 1.0

A browser simulation based on the aesthetics of old Windows operating systems. Full of secrets, but also a pleasant toy.

Under Construction Word Art

Doll Games

lots of dolls and dress-up
some more dolls and dress-up
oh, you wanted even more dolls and dress-up??
hannibal: tell me will, should i put cat ears on my picrew?

Under Construction Web Design


Free basic SVG icon set, excellent for adding to simple projects as a CDN. (Such as this one!)

Text and Writing


Web Color


Under Construction Web Development

Web And Sustainability

A solar-powered, self-hosted, self-sustaining website.
Imagining a Solar-Powered Internet
A conversation with the creator of the self-sustaining LOW←TECH MAGAZINE website, Kris De Decker.
CO2 emissions on the web
A brief example of how bloated websites create a carbon footprint.

Technical Articles


I can't believe Microsoft, of all entities, created an open-source savior for the scrappy menace that is Javascript, but here we are.
TypeScript Tutorial for JS Programmers Who Know How to Build a Todo App
An adorable walk-through tutorial, for JS programmers who are curious about TS.
Adopting Flow & TypeScript
A guide on adopting TS for existing programs, for those who committed to integrating it.

F Sharp

F# For Fun And Profit
An apologetic for the F# functional programming language, geared towards general programmers.
F# Cheatsheet
A quick reference for the basics on F#.
F# Koans
Learn F# through completing tests. Inspired by the classic Ruby guide.

Self Guided Courses

30 Days of Vanilla JS
An array of quick web projects, all with simple JS and no frameworks.
25 Days of Serverless
Holiday themed challenges for Azure projects.
30 lesions on one of CSS's awesome new layout features.
Advent of Code
LeetCode, but with better aesthetics.

Cool Libraries

Big collection of React Hooks. (If you're a React dev who hasn't discovered hooks yet, get ready to change your life.)
JS library that helps create PDF files, including HTML conversion.
My favorite Typescript+NodeJs ORM for database work.
Make chat apps with Javascript!
Secure authentication service that's robust enough for big companies, but also has great novice-friendly documentation and tutorials.

Meme-y Tech Videos

haha js machine go NaNNaNNaNNaN
The Birth and Death of Javascript
A talk about Javascript's history and future, that is framed in a lost footage dystopian narrative.
Mongo DB Is Web Scale
Sometimes I wonder if webcore tech nostalgia is going to evolve to startupcore one day. And while I have an unfortunate number of t-shirts from companies that probably don't exist anymore, NoSQL was something I never really understood. (CW: slurs, very vulgar language)
Steve Ballmer Going Crazy on Stage