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The assumption of a consistent self that persists through linear time is a fallacy that modern social media wants to brainwash us with. But also, I really love the decadence of appropriating technology to make a vanity site, the punk aesthetics of DIY Web 1.0, as well as the utter self-indulgence of glowing text that modern web standards have blessed us with. (I'm still salty about the loss of <blink> and <marquee>, tho.)

So here lies some collections of collected pixels, cultivations of coded layouts, like... way too many links, and my love. ♡


  • Standardize layout
  • Create gallery of other layouts and design snippets


  • 10-19-2020 Wrangling stylesheets and theme. 🤠
  • 08-24-2020 In the process of overhauling overall site theme.
  • 08-09-2020 Contact page's layout does not suck anymore.
  • 08-08-2020Added a lot of content. Like... so much... omg
  • 08-07-2020 help i keep on changing my name
  • 08-06-2020 New about page! Read all about it/me!
  • 07-27-2020 New name (and aesthetic), who this??
  • 02-20-2017 Created!! Hello world!